Introducing of the new AK-400 series from Russia

If you need Hungarian describe, check it on, the Hungarian edition.


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Calling all AMD-65 owners and users

The main designer is Zala Karoly (Karoly Zala). He is nearing 80 years old. I want to show him that there are fans and users of the weapon all over the world.

 What I need from owner or user of an AMD-65 is a picture from the AMD, and a state/country, maybe a nickname. If you would like to be in the photo holding your gun that is even better, but not required.


You can follow the movement and the fresh pictures in this gallery.

I think it would be a nice act to make an old man happy and also for owners to celebrate their rifles.

Our calling is also out in The Firearm Blog and in the main forums. Please help to share this calling!

Please send your photo to

Thanks for all!

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1956. október 23. Budapest

1956 október 23. Budapest: Nem csak a Kalasnyikov első harci bevetése, de az első alkalom, amikor egy nép harcolt vele a szabadságáért!

23rd October, 1956, Budapest: Not only the first time in real fight for the Kalashnikov, but also the first time, when the PEOPLE take it and fight with it for their own FREEDOM!

Szabó bácsi, Széna tér


Remember the heroes!

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Old FEG catalogues: FEG GPM

It was an air pistol for junior age sportshooters.


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Old FEG catalogues: P9R

Today’s old FEG catalogue is the P9R.

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New dessert for collectors: FP9 catalogue

We continue our series about old FEG catalogues:

FP9 pistol for today.

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Old FÉG catalogues

In the next few days we will post some old FÉG catalogues (multi language).

In this first (and the biggest) one there are some pictures from the semi-auto SA85M, the civil version of the Hungarian Kalashnikovs.

Remember: the FÉG and the Hungarian Kalashnikov producing is not any more.

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R.I.P. János Egerszegi

The firearm designer János Egerszegi has died in his age 70. His most known design is the AMP-69.

R. I. P.

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AKs at Shot Show 2015

Nice to see!

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Merry Xmas and a Happy new Year!

Dear Visitors, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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