Communist block oil bottles

Written by Richard Barnes


During six years service with the French Foreign Legion a good proportion of that time spent in Africa, I got a lot of experience with AK47’s/AKM’s. This experience was complimented in the early 1990’s with more AK time while serving in the ‘Explosive Ordnance Disposal’ squadron of the British Army reserve. An important part of the EOD work has been ‘making safe’ terrorist weapons that are located during searches etc. therefore EOD personnel need knowledge of all potential terrorist weapons…..


In the United Kingdom we have very strict, some would say draconian, gun laws and since the late 1980’s it has been very difficult to obtain a weapons permit to own a semi Automatic weapon, and from the mid 1990’s it became impossible as everything but bolt action long rifles where banned. However looking at gun crime statistics, we now have more gun crime in the UK, than ever before. Reports often state criminals are using full auto weapons, brought back from the former Yugoslavia etc. in shoot outs! Figure that out! Only the criminals (and police) have guns in the UK now!


But I stray from the point of this article, or do I? It is about identifying ‘Communist Block Oil Bottles’, if I could collect and use AK’s, I probably would not have bothered spending the time researching this, as I would have had more important things  to do ha! Ha!

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