Chinese and mysteries

What else do we have, two Chi Com double spout bottles, for which no explanation of letters is required to identify the origin?

We also have two different shaped bottles with no letters, one green plastic and one metal. Although both these came back from Iraq, I am told they are originally Chinese?


Another well used rectangular bottle I found has the letters ‘MA SK’; this one I have not positively identified yet, having followed many leads and contacts in Finland, Poland, Hungary etc. etc. From the internet and clues given what the letters mean on the other bottles, I think it may be Czechoslovakian. Reason, the MA may mean either ‘mastnota or mazadlo. The internet informed me was Czech for grease.


Anyone got any suggestions for the SK?


Two more modern oil bottles I have come across, made of black plastic are the bottles made for the AK74 rifles, here we have one from Romania (below left) & Bulgaria ( below right).

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