Hungarian bottles

Simple enough, but if you are thinking why are there two variations of letters for one country, let us look at Hungary, my contact Zoli, in Hungary, helped me out with decoding these.

To the left we have the latest version of the Plastic bottle in red & white colours, ‘Zs O’ & one that threw me for a while, until I met Zoli on the internet, is ‘F’.


Zs: zsír (oil), O: oldószer (solvent) / T: tisztítószer (cleaner/lye), F: fegyverolaj (oil).


That would have been three versions, if it was not for something that Zoli threw in to confuse matters; he sent me the picture below with the following explanation:


F: Fegyverolaj (oil), L: g (lye).

Enough to confuse anyone, three different set of letters from one country!


Incidentally, the ‘Zs O’ bottle is the only one I have come across that has the letters stamped on both sides of the bottle. Another fellow collector, Paul from the UK, sent me the picture to the right, which shows the Plastic red/ white bottle and a ‘Zs O’ and ‘T  F’ painted red, as is the ‘F  L’ in the other picture. So initially I thought this must have been the end users, the Hungarian Armed forces, method of simplifying things. If so, the red colour must mean the same thing…… but with the explanations given above this is not the case.

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