Soviet bottles

So where do we begin, Russian I guess? To the left is a picture of three types of Russian bottles I have come across. The early rectangular bottles issued with the AK47, the later double spout ‘round’ AKM version with its pouch beside it. These future the letters ‘H’, which I am told mean the following: The ‘W’ is in fact the Cyrillic ‘ShCh’ & the world transliterates to ‘Shchelo’ which means lye or alkaline solution / Solvent. The ‘H’ is the Cyrillic ‘N’ and transliterates to ‘Neft’ or Oil. The round single spout bottle also in the picture which features the Izhvesk ‘Arrow in Triangle’ symbol, was originally issued with the SKS I was told. This particular bottle, with many others, came from the surplus Bosnian Government stocks.

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