Yugoslavian bottles

Yugoslavia had their own ‘banjo’ shaped oil bottle, which I am informed was copied from the oil bottle used by the Germans for their MG42’s in World war two. Considering the Yugoslavians continued to use the design of the MG 42 in the form of their M53, even down to retaining the 7.92mm calibre ammunition, this is believable. Two variants exist to my knowledge, one in brass, which was issued with the leather pouch for the Yugoslavian SKS rifle and the more modern black plastic oil bottle issued with the M70’s etc.



Mystery Bottle: Another bottle I have come across, which also has the Cyrillic letter ‘W H’, on it, is pictured below. It came from a contact in Hungary with some Hungarian AK pouches.


Interesting enough, I have come across the picture below on eBay, which is described as a ‘captured German Mauser oil bottle, captured by the Russians’. Looks very similar to ‘one half’ of the other bottle!


Some other ‘Mystery’ single spout bottles I have come across are pictured below, anyone able to identify where these may come from?



So there you have it and if you think what a hell of a way to pass some time away, think about our ‘draconian’ gun laws in the UK, and make sure you don’t end up down the same road. This article covers the ‘Slippery Slope’ of gun control that was imposed upon the UK, interesting reading and a warning for some:





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