AK-47 (AK-55)



The first batch was ready in 1959, while the lamp factory has designed more than a dozen new machines to prepare for mass production. Mass production has started in 1960, and at such a pace that on that year’s 4th of April, on a military march, the marching units were already equipped with these weapons. The AK-47 assault rifle’s modernized version (Type III, milled) was manufactured under the AK-55 designation by FEG until 1963, making up 84-92% of the factory’s total production. The manufacturing capacity was only limited by the speed of receiver and stock supplies. Wooden parts were made out of high quality beech, which came from the Lenti area. In 1962, manufacturing of the NSZP sights with infrared filter had begun. These sights were supplied by MOM, but zeroed in by FEG. Despite the outdated machinery, the factory was still able to provide high quality weapons to the soldiers.

In 1970, thousands of these weapons were restored, and some exported (to Syria in ’71 for example).

Even with the outdated machinery, the well prepared engineering team has ensured outstanding quality with strict quality inspection.

Translated by Peter Fazekas, spell checked by Nathan Deppe.

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