The milled receiver AK-47 (AK-55) was still manufactured when the first batch of the modernized, stamped receiver AKM-63’s first examples were completed. The new model’s statistics were nearly the same as the old one, but manufacturing was more simple and efficient. The old milled receiver was replaced with one made out of stamped metal sheets, and the expensive wooden furniture was changed to cheaper plastic in 1964, which even slightly reduced recoil. This model was issued with a multi-function bayonet, capable of cutting electrical wire under electric current thanks to the rubber grip. This rifle has a very distinguishing feature, a forward pistol grip and sheet metal hand guard.


In 1976 this model’s production was later restarted, with the purpose of replacing AMD-65’s. Because of antipathy and complication of replacement of plastics, wooden butt stocks were used, this version was designated AKMF, then came the AMM (Automata Kalasnyikov Modernizált MagyarosĂ­tott) or AK-63 with conventional wooden hand guard. Since 1980, they also made a version with folding metal butt stock called AMMS (Or AK-63/D, D stands for Deszant) which means airborne.


Additionally, a semi-automatic version of the above, SAMI (SA-85) and a 5,56 caliber version designated NGM was introduced, mainly for export purposes. There was a cheap .22 caliber training rifle version as well.


Nowadays, these models are being modernized in small quantities, from rifles left over in stock.



Translated by Peter Fazekas, spell checked by Nathan Deppe.

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