Mishaco tested the FEG SA-85M

“We’ve intended to dedicate a video to the Hungarian FEG SA-85m for a long time. Sure this rifle has appeared in several other compilations in the past, but it was never the star of the show. Finally today, it gets a whole video to itself. We try it out at the range, tell its story, and point out some features. The SA-85m was the only AK type rifle imported from Hungary before the ban in 1989. It was a semi-auto version of the military’s AK-63, built by FEG and sold here by Kassner. Both a fixed stock and an underfolding stock version were on offer back in the late 1980s. After the ban, KBI continued importation with a compliant version in the 1990s and then a low-cap version known as the SA-2000m. The final FEG AKs were imported by TGI, but that’s a whole other story. ”

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